What’s one thing Cory LOVES about being a children’s book author?


All presentations and workshops are warm, interactive, and designed to spark creativity and get your students excited about reading and writing. Visits can be tailored for age (typically 2nd grade and up) and interests, so that each visit is perfectly suited for your school.



Audience Size: Assembly or classroom

45 minutes

Inspiration Station

Cory explains her story’s path to publication, where ideas come from, where to find inspiration when stuck, and how anyone can write fiction and have fun doing it.

Eat That Book

The perfect addition to your Read Across America or National Poetry Month celebrations. This presentation explores the different kinds of books we read, encourages students to “taste” (like Alastair from The Simple Art of Flying) a wide selection, and highlights the journey and importance of reading.

(Educators might find that adding a classroom “Book Tasting” to the day’s events to be a helpful and fun way to apply this message. Includes a downloadable “Book Tasting” guide and worksheet.)

Super Seeds and Peachy Pits

Using themes from The Simple Art of Flying, and both a scientific and metaphorical exploration into seeds, this presentation takes more of an inspirational approach. Questions like: What kind of seeds are you planting?and, What does it take to grow something from seed to fruit?are posed to affirm students’ inherent value, challenge their ways of thinking about everyday choices, see “the pits” for their potential, and crown kindness king of the forest.

(Includes a cherry pit reminder for every attendee.)


Writing Workshops

Audience Size: Grade-level or classroom

45-60 minutes

· Inspiration Station Workshop

· Crafting Characters – What every character needs and how it informs your plot

· Voice Lessons – Understanding how “voice” can make your story sing

· Revising Your Recipe – Different ways to edit and give your story flavor

· A Sense of Setting – Go on a “sense walk” and find other ways to bring your setting to life (best suited for outdoors)


Classroom Q&A

Audience Size: Up to 45 students per session

20-30 minutes

Because large assemblies have their limitations, interacting with students in the comfort of their own classroom environment and in a space where every student has a chance to ask questions is one of Cory’s favorite things. These highly personal visits can look like popping into individual classrooms after one large assembly or convening several classes for a grade-level discussion. Q&A’s last 20-30 minutes depending on the number of students, can be scheduled with 10-minute breaks between, and work best when classes have already participated in one of Cory’s presentations or workshops earlier in the day or are currently studying one of her books. Each class will be given Cory’s “Monster List of Questions” prior to ensure an engaging and informative time.

(Large schools looking to squeeze in as many of these visits as possible should feel free to contact Cory about scheduling. Special two-day rates will be given when possible.)

*Christian educators and homeschool co-ops: Please note that any of the above can be adapted to highlight Gospel-centered themes and applications. Contact Cory for more information!


Customize Your Visit

Full-day visits include up to three presentations or workshops, plus book signing, author lunch, and optional classroom Q&A’s.

- Local (within 90 min. of Baldwinsville, NY): $600

- Non-local: $800 plus travel costs

Half-day visits consist of a single presentation or workshop, plus book signing and optional classroom Q&A’s.

- Local only, unless multiple visits within a school district are booked, or as travel allows: $500

Author lunch: schools can plan a casual “brown bag” author lunch with a small group of students, such as a book or writing club, or teacher-selected eager-readers. (Lunch sessions are free with a full-day visit.): $200

*Any combination of presentation/workshop with classroom Q&A’s can be arranged. (Example: 1 full day visit consisting of 1 large presentation, 5 classroom visits, 1 author lunch, and book signing.)

To save money on travel-related expenses, check out Cory’s Events page to see if she’ll be in your area, or, get another school near you to book and share the cost!


Still not finding what you’re looking for?

Planning a conference, festival, book fair, P.A.R.P parent night? Let’s talk!

For questions, or to start planning your unique visit today, contact Cory here